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Wardrobes Drummoyne

Greetings From Drummoyne’s Most Renowned Wardrobe Maker

At Save and Direct Kitchens, we create wardrobes that are practical, personal, and visually appealing to the user. Amazing interior design is great art, and it can reflect your personality in ways you never expected. A strong sense of space and shape, as well as an artist's eye for colour and materials, characterises our distinctive approach. We are artists and designers, and we are here to make your house wardrobes even better than you ever thought it might be.
The creation of your custom wardrobes is a multi-stage process that begins with your first contact with Save and Direct Kitchens and continues throughout the process. Your designs are improved via collaborative design sessions. These culminate in the presentation of concepts in pictures utilising our design system, pricing, and the finalisation of details that are tailored to your specific design requirements and specifications. After that, we will project manage your task, including site measurements, manufacturing, and installation. In the course of this procedure, we will keep you informed of developments and will communicate with you and your tradesmen in order to confirm installation timelines. All our projects are custom planned and use only the highest quality items available. We work in cooperation with you to bring your vision to life and improve your living space.

Stages to Get Involved in Your Wardrobe Renovation Project

Stage 1: Get in Touch with Us

A preliminary meeting in our showroom or at your home in Drummoyne is the first step. Please contact us to arrange this appointment.

Stage 2: Consult with Others About Your Project

Save and Direct Kitchens has a collaborative design method, which means that you will need to sit down with us and have a conversation. We'll go through all your needs in-depth, as well as provide our thoughts and any fresh ideas while managing your project. This will encompass everything from the layout of your wardrobe area to the materials utilised, the colours employed, and other finishing features.

Stage 3: Site measurements and inspection

Site-specific interventions are implemented at critical stages of the process. First and foremost, we will gather measurements in order to provide a starting point for the strategy. We will return to your property in Drummoyne after it has reached a certain stage of construction in order to get precise measurements.

Stage 4: Development of a Detailed Plan and its refinement

We provide designs to assist you in visualising the finished result. We will work closely with you to develop the ideas and incorporate any additional elements that may be necessary.

Stage 5: Request for a Formal Quote

Save and Direct Kitchens will provide you with an estimate for your wardrobes and any other items you have ordered as well as our terms and conditions of business. We will confirm an installation date with you, with constant contact between our team and your contractors/tradesmen to ensure all goes smoothly. We only work with trades whose expertise we can vouch for in Drummoyne.

Stage 6: Manufacturing

Save and Direct Kitchens manufactures your wardrobes in-house in our Five Dock facility, where we have all of the necessary equipment and space to bring your wardrobe design to reality. Contact us now to learn more. We combine the most up-to-date technology with the delicate hand craftsmanship of highly-skilled tradesmen to create beautiful finished products. Once we have completed wardrobe, we will invite you to come back to the factory to see how your wardrobes are coming together.

Stage 7: Installation

Your wardrobe is carefully unpacked at your Drummoyne property and assembled carefully in accordance with your instructions at the location you have chosen. Save and Direct Kitchens collaborate closely with a wide range of building industry professionals to make sure everything is done to the customer’s satisfaction.

Stage 8: Completion of the project

When the project's quality criteria for manufacturing and installation have been reached, and the final payment for the project has been received, the project is officially signed off.
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What makes us the best choice for you?

With a highly-experienced workforce, Save and Direct Kitchens is committed to upholding our core objectives of the business, which are quality, integrity and transparency. We provide a comprehensive in-house service with a strong emphasis on customer care, quality, and meticulous attention to detail. All Save and Direct Kitchens’ wardrobe and cabinets are built in Five Dock, in our own contemporary factory. Our entire team’s knowledge and experience in the design and manufacture of kitchens, wardrobes and cabinets is the driving force behind a strong customer service emphasis and strict quality control measures in the company. As a one-stop-shop in Drummoyne with in-house design, manufacturing and installation capabilities, Save and Direct Kitchens can ensure that our customers receive the highest quality kitchens, wardrobes and cabinets, as well as a smooth and hassle-free experience during the design, manufacturing and installation process.

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If you are looking for a reputable wardrobe business nearby Drummoyne to complete a bespoke wardrobe, we are here to assist you at your convenience. Just give us a call at 0404 874 647 if you have any questions.
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